Announcing Jack Nimble: Attack of the Boredom Bugs

Long time, no post! If you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to lately, the answer is, predictably, working on a video game! But you want the juicy details, right?

We’re happy to announce that we are partnering with Beau Kittredge, professional Ultimate player and children’s book author, to create a new game for mobile. (To start, at least!) It’s called Jack Nimble Attack of the Boredom Bugs and it’s a new type of strategy, puzzle game that combines elements of tower defense with skill-based mini-games to create a more active experience.

Jack Nimble Awaits

In Jack Nimble Attack of the Boredom Bugs, you play as Jack Nimble, a Lumber-jackrabbit Of All Trades. Summon animal friends to help you defeat the invading Boredom Bugs from a different galaxy. Put on your thinking cap and fight the bad guys in multiple, skill-based mini-games, each with a unique perspective. Bounce on their heads with an armadillo. Bowl down the road with a porcupine. Drop objects as an owl way up in the sky.

You can help unlock the playable demo by visiting and liking, sharing, tweeting, and subscribing to the newsletter. (And then tell your friends to do the same!) New rewards unlock as the combined amount of social media love grows, the goal of which is unlocking the Jack Nimble demo. Until then, you can unlock pages of the story, the preface to the game, with writing by Beau Kittredge and beautiful illustrations by Diego Almazan.

Share, share, share! It’s currently close to unlocking the third reward!

Just wanted to post a quick note: Episodes 1 – 3 and special features of our show, Indie Van Game Jam, are coming to the Boston-area! On April 1st from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM at the AMC Burlington 10, we will show you the first three episodes of the show along with a special feature from each episode. The running time is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.

Get your tickets now at Tugg!!

As this is a special one for me (Chad), I will be there to answer questions and give away loads of Indie Van Game Jam stickers!

Sticker Pic

Come get yours today by pre-ordering a ticket! Bring your friends!

Indie Van Game Jam on the Big Screen!

It’s been a while, Internet. We come bearing news!

If you’ve been following along with the action here or on, you would know that we have released three episodes of our ramblin’ road show thus far. Up to his point, we have filmed seven. We’re working on the fourth episode, featuring our Austin friends Stoic, makers of The Banner Saga. This one is taking us a bit longer than usual due to all the various going-ons for us.

While you wait for the fourth episode, however, you can still delight in some Indie Van content. You can see Indie Van Game Jam at a theatre near you! We have set up a screening here in Austin at the Drafthouse Lakeline and you can set up a screening in your town as well! Through the magic of Tugg, you can watch the first three episodes of Indie Van Game Jam as well as a special feature from each episode on the big screen and loud sound!

Indie Van Game Jam Poster

If you’re able to come to the Austin screening, grab your tickets and we’ll see you there! If you’re not able to make it, set up a screening and let us know! We’ll make sure to help talk about your event!


See you, Space Cowboy.

The Hunt for Steam Greenlight: September 30, 2014

Steam Greenlight is a competitive place. Our Steam Greenlight campaign has been hard fought thus far. We know just how big of a role promotion plays in getting your game onto Steam. It’s time for our semi-regular piece where we highlight some unique, cool, or just plain fun Steam Greenlight games.


It’s time for…

All similarities to any other graphics are completely... "unintentional."

Battle Brothers

Fight with your brothers!

Battle Brothers is a really fun looking strategy game. The art is similar to Diego’s style. (Gorgeous and hand-painted.) Some of the game is procedurally generated, so that’s a replayability plus. If you’re curious to try before giving them the vote, you can even go download their combat demo:

I Can’t Escape: Darkness

Or can you?

On the opposite end of the sprectrum: A horror game! Oh my! The game looks pretty cool, and apparently it’s a follow up from a game on Newgrounds! ( It’s refreshing to see new entries into the genre.


Whoa! Colors!

Ultraworld looks cool and unique. It has a seemingly interesting narrative to deliver. The color palette is appetizing. It is, a bit of a mystery, though. It will be interesting to see more. Again, if you don’t want to wait for Steam, you can check it out at



Thanks for reading! Please check out the projects on Steam, give them a thumbs up, and spread the word! Every bit helps.