Who Is Donald Keaton?

Is he a noble hero who has adventured many daring adventures? Perhaps a valiant knight who rides upon his trusted steed with a trusted companion to right the wrongs of the world? A warrior,  lance in hand, with armaments that shine as bright as the sun? His exploits known as far and wide as is his love of the fair princess for which he professes unwavering devotion!

Oh, wait, Donald Keaton? He’s just an old man in a wheelchair.

For my first real post, I thought it would be interesting to show the evolution of the hero of our new game, This Is My Quest. Coming first to iOS with plans for other platforms afterwards. (Stay tuned fans of indie console games!)

Our hero’s name is Donald Keaton. He is someone’s forgotten old grandfather in a nursing home. Without much else to do but read, he fantasizes about going on his own adventures. Imagining himself a valiant knight on a quest to woo a princess and save a kingdom, he takes up a crutch and sallies forth on his own quest.

One of our artists, Devin Jenkins, took to the task of creating concept art for our confused protagonist. It was fun to watch Keaton evolve as we  kicked ideas back and forth. We started with some simple sketches for the concept of Don in reality versus Don in fantasy.

Simple Concept

A good start, but Keaton is a man who has lost touch with reality, his delusion needed to be more pronounced. He would envision himself bolder, braver, and brawnier than the broken body he inhabits in the real world. He needed a little bit more “character” in reality, iconic features we could distort to differentiate the heroic alter-ego he has created in his fantasy. Devin went back to the drawing board and the real Don started to emerge.

First Color Don

Don was looking much better this time. The Keaton of fantasy was much more distinct while Don in reality was feeble and daft, yet filled with ludicrous purpose. A few minor tweaks and some polish by Devin produced a concept that we loved.

Final Don

Behold! This is Donald Keaton.


See you, Space Cowboy.