Tiles! Tiles! Tiles!

Welcome to another edition of Let’s See Art from This Is My Quest. I am your host, Chad, and today I would like to focus on a different area of the game. The vivid dreams of an old man are simply the machination experienced when playing This Is My Quest. The game is one part grand adventure, one part tile matching puzzle. Your wits will be tested over and over again by the art of puzzle (and at a breakneck pace.) In today’s post, let’s talk about the meat and potatoes of the latter half of our game: the tiles.

This week we present the art of Zach Taylor, an indie cartoonist. He maintains the siteĀ http://www.gnourg.com/. Zach has been instrumental in designing the tiles from the beginning. As easily as words translate into images, Zach decided to start by sketching out loads of ideas so that our descriptions were on the same page as his lines.

Tile Concepts


The hive mind now in sync, it was time for Zach to begin to make iconic, Spanish tiles. In this game, there are plenty of icons and actions that will see life in a square. How does that play out? Well, they begin as vector, with Zach perfecting the lines, and then get rendered with loads of details. For example, the helmet tile.

Helmet Render


Glorious! This process was repeated over fifteen times. What? Does that mean we have over fifteen different puzzle pieces like this? You bet your bottom dollar we do. Here is but a sample of the designs that have been created for use in the game.


Helmets, horses, and hearts. Oh my! These tiles each carry with them their own purpose and behavior. Hearts are, of course, the instrument of love. Your trusty steed carries you across great distances. The lance is used to enforce justice and vanquish great foes from the land. There exists a tool for everything as beautifully rendered by Zach. We cannot wait to breathe life into these tiles.



See you, Space Cowboy.