Blowfish Meets Binary Solo

Let’s take a quick break from talking about This Is My Quest. Maybe you want to hear about something fresh. Well, how about another game we are helping to make?

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That's SkyTy for short.
That’s SkyTy for short.

Blowfish Meets Meteor is a game that I helped with a long, long time ago back when it was a “small” game that was meant to be “something quick.” Holy Balls has it evolved since then. It seems to me that Muir, the main brains, is simply incapable of just creating a shorter game with only a few elements. He feels the need to explore every interesting mechanic, making sure each level is perfectly unique or has some sort of design yet unplayed in the same form. Each world has something new and unique about it. It is absolutely ridiculous.

Although you can’t play the differences right now, take a look at these screenshots to see how different each level can feel.

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I absolutely love the art by Ian Gibson. Yes, astute reader. That is the same name as the man doing the Donald Keaton animations for This is My Quest. They are one in the same.

The art really brings this game to life. Exploding fish. A damsel in distress. Giant eels busting through walls. There are so many frames of hand-drawn animation, it constantly pushed the iPhone to the limit. (Trust me, that’s my job.)

If you need any more salesmanship of the game, head over to for yourself and take a look. I have begun to pour a lot of time into this and I am proud of all the help that I can provide in the programming department.