Indie Van Game Jam: Chicago in Review

In mid-December we started filming for the Indie Van Game Jam. While we’re not quite done, we’re entering the home stretch and we thought it would be fun and insightful to give a small window into these trips by showing some of the highlights. If you haven’t been following us on Instagram keeping up with #indievangamejam, this might be the first you time you are hearing of our eventful trip to Chicago to visit Rob Lach.

We headed out at a feverish pace to make way for Chicago, Illinois to visit Rob Lach. With but a stop in St. Louis planned and a vague idea of what kind of game we wanted to make, we packed up the van and hit the road. Our first full trip was about to commence!

In St. Louis we were lucky enough to get hooked up with the IGDA there. We worked out of a small place called T Rex where we attended the First Annual IGDA Holiday Party in St. Louis. It was a blast!

When we got to Chicago, we were introduced to the biting cold and a concept new to Diego, wind chill. There white stuff everywhere and our footsteps made crunchy sounds. We braved these harsh elements and took a walk on the pier.

We worked our butts off to try and finish a game. No matter how much time we spent, it always felt like it was just about to end. We always felt as though we were falling behind.

We can’t wait to get a trailer cut and do all the post production! Speaking of which, help us commission an audio guy and pay for all the editing of the first episode over at! The site is still accepting funding. If that’s not your style, we have nothing but love for those who help us spread the word.

Let’s get an episode on the web!

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