Blowfish Meets Meteor: The Code

“It’s a simple game.” – Muir Freeland, Founder of Sky Tyrannosaur.

I remember about two or three years ago when I first helped Muir begin Blowfish Meets Meteor. It was to be a simple game that shouldn’t take too long. Three months, if I remember correctly. I advised on how to break blocks, helped set up the first prototype, and recommended a few books to continue learning the craft. (The craft being programming, of course!) I kept up and answered many questions.¬†Imagine my surprise, years later to hear that he wanted some help programming. The game’s design had gone from simple block breaker to 60 levels, unique mechanics in each world, and boss fights that filled the screen.

A big eel boss in Blowfish Meets Meteor
Eels breakin’ through walls.

“Oh crap,” I thought. “This thing is going to require a lot of work.”

The Code

Let’s go over the code by the numbers. It is now 531 commits to Blowfish Meets Meteor git repository later. There are 1,095 text files containing 59,322 lines of code, 5,657 comments, and 14,642 blank lines. (Not including cocos2d, which is what we use for rendering the game.) How much code is that for the layperson? Well, considering each line contains at least one word (although most seven or eight) it could be quite a few novels according to the 50,000 word count required to complete NaNoWriMo!

Holy smokes! That’s a lot of code! I know that the amount of code does not equate to greatness. I just wanted to share the tally. Hope you enjoy the game when it comes out on Friday, February 14th. Buy it for that special someone, so long as you don’t mind them using their phone at your fancy Valentine’s Day dinner.

See you, Space Cowboy.

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