Episode Two Update

Hey Everybody,

 Scott here.  I’m Binary Solo’s resident filmmaker and editor for Indie Van Game Jam.

 Much like the characters in Game of Thrones promise that “Winter is coming,” I also promise that episode two is coming soon.  You probably won’t see it coming.  It will knock you off your socks, then knock you out of them again when you’re putting them on the second time.


This week, we experienced a huge morale blow when our 4TB hard drive, the hub of all Indie Van Game Jam data, failed to boot up.  But we sent it to an IT Recovery Service, and now it’s back up and running!

 In the meantime, I have been working off another external hard drive with backup files and have synced picture and sound for episode three(!).

The main reason that episode two is really taking a while to release in addition to all the tech and software troubleshooting — is that we want make the best possible episode for you!

 Each episode (~ 22 minutes) is somewhat unique in terms of its story beats, adding to the time it takes to crack it.  To the extent that we know roughly the chronological outline of each episode (you can see that below), we really don’t know for certain where the pieces fit inside those scenes and how they develop/payoff until we open some Topo Chicos and discuss.

 The episode’s story starts making more sense when we view a rough cut of everything that could be in the episode (the rough cut is anywhere from 1 – 3 hours!)  From that point forward, our meetings involve making tough choices related to cutting lines or entire scenes, generating a master assets list of things we usually don’t have but need to generate for the episode, designing and/or revising animations and title cards, creating voice over scripts, and re-sifting through A LOT of footage to make sure we’ve chosen the crème de la crème in terms of jokes, gameplay content and interview material (roughly 10 hours of footage per episode).  Phew!

  • Intro Animation
  • Binary Solo HQ: Game Analysis
  • Studio Intro
  • Travel: {Whiteboarding, Art, Coding, SFX, Pit Stops, etc.}
  • Studio Game Jam Playthrough
  • Game Jam finish (in the van)
  • Wrap-up
  • Credits
  • Link to download the game

In the meantime, we’ve read through everyone’s generous feedback from episode one (thank you!) and are confident that this episode outshines the previous one.

Additionally, we hope to provide some exciting extra content as soon as the episode releases.

We even have a tentative title for you (spoiler alert):

 Episode Two: Wizards of the East Coast


This is Part I of IV of a series about the making of Indie Van Game Jam.

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