Our Shop Is Online!

If you ever wished you could put an Indie Van Game Jam sticker on your laptop or throw an Indie Van Game Jam disc around, you’re in luck! We just opened our online store where you can buy Binary Solo and Indie Van Game Jam themed goodies starting with a sticker and an Ultimate disc.

Both products to start feature Flip Bitworthy, the Indie Van Game Jam mascot you see in the show during the introduction and driving across the map. The first is a high-quality vinyl Flip Bitworthy sticker. It’s about 9 cm in diameter, so it’s a good size for the back of that Apple MacBook. The other product is an Ultimate disc with a Flip Bitworthy Indie Van Game Jam logo. For the curious, it is a Discraft Ultrastar, the kind used by USA Ultimate players.

There’s plenty more to come, of course, but stop by and check it out.

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