Jack Nimble Kickstarter Is Live!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve just helped to launched the Kickstarter for a new, family-friendly game in collaboration with Beau Kittredge called Jack Nimble: Attack of the Boredom Bugs. http://www.jack-nimble.com goes directly to the Kickstarter where you can download the Kickstarter demo for PC, Mac, and Linux.


Beau Kittredge is a former children’s book author and current professional Ultimate player. After making five different children’s books, he decided it was time to conquer the world of video games. That’s why he called us!

We’re super excited that we get to show off what we’ve been working on lately with the announcement of the Kickstarter and the demo. If you’ve ever wanted to bounce an armadillo on bugs, roll a porcupine like a bowling ball, or fly an owl in a rhythm-esque game; this is the game for you! This game for all ages let’s you do all three, and it’s wrapped up in an adorable story.

Please go play the demo and if you think the game has potential, back the Kickstarter. Tell all your friends and their friends so we can get the word out. The fate of Watercolor Woods depends on it!

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