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Blowfish Meets Meteor: The Art

Guest post: Muir Freeland of Sky Tyrannosaur.

The style of Blowfish Meets Meteor was largely inspired by a single concept sketch of the Diver, quickly drawn up by a friend, Jared, in the early stages of the game’s development. I thought the playfully large, rounded heads would be well suited for the iPhone screen since it created simple shapes and silhouettes that were instantly recognizable even at a small scale, with the added bonus of lending an exaggerated level of goofiness to the game and its characters. The titular Blowfish, for example, is basically an inflated circle with fins looking anxiously like it could pop at any moment. From there, I animated the sprites, starting with the giant krill-spewing humpback whale (why not?). Everything was animated frame-by-frame in Photoshop as we wanted the animations to feel smooth and fluid but still maintain the edginess of traditional animation, so we avoided employing time-saving tactics like tweening that can give them an unnatural, computerized feel. It was a lot of work (the Diver alone, for instance, has roughly 300 frames of animation) but I feel it paid off!
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Blowfish Meets Meteor: The Prototype

Guest post: Muir Freeland of Sky Tyrannosaur.

Before Blowfish Meets Meteor had mermaids, before it had piranhas, before it had Divers or glass-dome houses – before it had puzzles or powerups or worlds or anything resembling interesting level design – it had blocks. Lots and lots of blocks. And some photos I took at the aquarium. Experience the very first pre-pre-prototype of something that would eventually resemble Blowfish Meets Meteor, and be glad that the end product evolved as much as it did.
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