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Indie Van Game Jam on the Big Screen!

It’s been a while, Internet. We come bearing news!

If you’ve been following along with the action here or on, you would know that we have released three episodes of our ramblin’ road show thus far. Up to his point, we have filmed seven. We’re working on the fourth episode, featuring our Austin friends Stoic, makers of The Banner Saga. This one is taking us a bit longer than usual due to all the various going-ons for us.

While you wait for the fourth episode, however, you can still delight in some Indie Van content. You can see Indie Van Game Jam at a theatre near you! We have set up a screening here in Austin at the Drafthouse Lakeline and you can set up a screening in your town as well! Through the magic of Tugg, you can watch the first three episodes of Indie Van Game Jam as well as a special feature from each episode on the big screen and loud sound!

Indie Van Game Jam Poster

If you’re able to come to the Austin screening, grab your tickets and we’ll see you there! If you’re not able to make it, set up a screening and let us know! We’ll make sure to help talk about your event!


See you, Space Cowboy.

SGC 2014 Wrap-Up!

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be exhibiting at the Screwattack Gaming Convention (or SGC Wooooooo!) We brought a few of our games from the Indie Van Game Jam in order to promote the Steam Greenlight campaign we launched that morning, Friday July 11th. Although only Scott and I could attend, we had a total blast in Indie Heaven!

First of all, many thanks to our friend Drew McGee for helping us out and tending the booth with us. Drew is a former compatriot of BioWare and has written for titles such as Bumble Tales and The Banner Saga. He’s also a bright, smiling face who got plenty of people to the booth as well as the hookup from the roaming Red Bull distributors. (Dat Red Bull Silver!)

It was such a treat to meet so many new faces and watch as people genuinely enjoyed our games. We met cosplayers of impressive caliber. Hardcore gamers with impressive skills. Parents who forgot how a simpler game could be fun for (and played by) anyone. Check out some of our attendees on our Facebook page!

Someone just found the sea serpent in our game 'Round the World!
Someone just found the sea serpent in our game ‘Round the World!

As mentioned, we were trying to promote our new Steam Greenlight campaign for Indie Van Game Jam! Everyone seemed to be digging what we were laying down. Everyone was crazy supportive. Fans loved our stickers and seemed to be really interested in the Indie Van Game Jam. Honestly, when you see Stunt Mitch or Round the World in-person, it’s hard not to be a fan.

Indie Heaven, the happening place for indies, was full of great stories and talent. From our high-school neighbors, SmartCade, to the hometown heroes, Dallas Society of Play, the room contained a great level of passion. While Scott got completely addicted to Tumblestone, Chad flocked to KR-17. Big thanks to them and all the other exhibitors who we got to meet.

Can’t wait for Classic Game Fest!

Game On!

Are you in the Austin area (or love long drives?) Do you want to come see us in person along with Twisted Pixel (Splosion Man), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), and others? Are you tired of questions?

Well then come to Game On Austin! We’ll be at the Empire Control Room on Thursday, November 21st from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM along with tons of other Austin game developers.

Click me for a PDF version of the Game On Austin poster!

We are going to be squeezing three exhibits into our space, because we are absolutely insane.

This is My Quest!

Play through a level of our first original puzzle adventure game. Brave the streets of Old Madrid as you take on the machinations of a “gently delusional” Donald Keaton. Find the magical treasure strewn throughout the cobblestone and clay terrain. Insider information: you want to be one of the few intrepid adventurers to complete the demo. It’s in your best interest.


Blowfish Meets Meteor!

Our collaboration with Sky Tyrannosaur! I’ll let their website tell this tale.

Like all the best block-breakers, Blowfish Meets Meteor is a game about smashing a ball into a bunch of blocks and watching the pieces fly. But we didn’t stop there — instead, we took that humblest of foundations and built an enormous, sprawling game atop it. Here, destroying blocks (with an earthbound meteor, natch) is only one means to an end: your real goal is to liberate your far-too-numerous mermaid daughters from the confines of a deadly underwater cave-in. Along the way, you’ll race through action-packed set pieces, solve devious puzzles, and battle screen-filling bosses, all while uncovering the secrets of a fantastical underwater world.

Whoa! Doesn’t that sound great? Stop by and check it out in person. We’ve been cleared to show you everything but the last few worlds.

Eels breakin' through walls.


Indie Van Game Jam!


You know, this thing? Our game jamming, indie dev interviewing, rolling road show? We’ll be rolling videos, shaking hands, answering questions, kissing babies, and anything else we can do to get the word out!



We’re super stoked for Game On! We’re putting the finishing touches on everything, firing on all cylinders here at Binary Solo HQ. If you’re in Austin, come on out! We’d love to entertain you.

See you, Space Cowboy.


 If you want the awesome poster for your wall, here’s a PDF!