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Indie Van Game Jam Episode 3 Is Live!

After a two month cliff-hanger from episode 2, Wizards of the East Coast, the second half of the story comes in like a wrecking ball. (Sorry, I had to.)

Check out the latest and greatest episode of Indie Van Game Jam, “Wreckingball Run.” In this episode, the mystery producer from Episode 2 asks us to make them a branded game that has them look “cool,” “hip,” and “with it.” We take the task head on as we take the detour to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This episode features Pixel Dash Studios, who just released Road Redemption on Steam Early Access. 

Head over to IndieVanGameJam.com to see the episode and download the game.

Baton Rouge in Review: Pixel Dash Studios

Pixel Dash Studios

In maybe our most crazy idea yet, we headed from Orlando to Baton Rouge to visit Pixel Dash without having any clues about what we were going to make. They’re currently co-developing Road Redemption and working on their first game, Swap Drop Poker, but before that they survived as dev-for-hire. In the spirit of their, along with many others, humble starts, we decided to explore that idea for this jam. We had them call in as a Big Shot Producer giving us our prompt. After a few hours of debate, we settled on a game idea and were able to present our simplest, most polished game to date. You could actually win and lose. (At the same time.)
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