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San Francisco in Review: Sky Tyrannosaur

Sky Tyrannosaur on the Indie Van Game Jam!

San Francisco. Known for it’s crazy hills. Home to Sky Tyrannosaur, the brains behind Blowfish Meets Meteor. The first leg of our longest trip, a tour of the west coast with stops including LA, Eugene, Seattle, and Vancouver.  It was also the most personal location for me, Chad.
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Blowfish Meets Meteor: The Code

“It’s a simple game.” – Muir Freeland, Founder of Sky Tyrannosaur.

I remember about two or three years ago when I first helped Muir begin Blowfish Meets Meteor. It was to be a simple game that shouldn’t take too long. Three months, if I remember correctly. I advised on how to break blocks, helped set up the first prototype, and recommended a few books to continue learning the craft. (The craft being programming, of course!) I kept up and answered many questions. Imagine my surprise, years later to hear that he wanted some help programming. The game’s design had gone from simple block breaker to 60 levels, unique mechanics in each world, and boss fights that filled the screen.
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