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The Hunt for Steam Greenlight: September 5, 2014

As an indie worried about our Steam Greenlight campaign, we know just how big of a role promotion plays in getting your game onto Steam.  Every once in a while we dig around Steam Greenlight, find some really cool projects, and help spread the word about them!

Here’s how it works:

Here are this weeks picks for games that are in The Hunt For Steam Greenlight.

All similarities to any other graphics are completely... "unintentional."

Words for Evil



A typing fantasy RPG? Yeah. The trailer looks pretty awesome and reminds me of games such as 10,000,000 and what we were trying to create, This is My Quest. It purports to have complex combat, multiple varieties of word game based on the action at hand, and tons of content.

24 Killers



24 Killers intrigued me with its cool artwork.  It turns out this one dude, Todd Luke, is like Shakey Graves for indie games.  According to his Kickstarter, which was successfully funded, he is tackling the game’s programming, art, and music alone.   It’s an adventure game where “four miscreant spirits are possessing the people in a small island town, and you’re responsible for finding them.” Sign me up!

A Rite from the Stars



A Rite from the Stars rounds our collection this week. It looks playful. It looks interesting. It has care and attention dripping from it’s pores. The trailer is well done. This game takes our third vote this week.


That’s all folks! Thanks for reading. Please check out the projects on Steam, give them a thumbs up, and spread the word! Every bit helps.