Blowfish Meets Meteor


Platform: iOS
Description: We helped finish this game for Sky Tyrannosaur. Like all the best block-breakers, Blowfish Meets Meteor is a game about smashing a ball into a bunch of blocks and watching the pieces fly. But it doesn’t stop there — instead, the game takes the humblest of foundations and builds an enormous, sprawling game atop it. Here, destroying blocks (with an earthbound meteor, natch) is only one means to an end: your real goal is to liberate your far-too-numerous mermaid daughters from the confines of a deadly underwater cave-in. Along the way, you’ll race through action-packed set pieces, solve devious puzzles, and battle screen-filling bosses, all while uncovering the secrets of a fantastical underwater world.

Jack Nimble Attack of the Boredom Bugs


Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Description: Jack Nimble is a strategy puzzle game that combines the strategy of a tower defense with skill-based mini-games. Take control of Jack Nimble and his animal friends in order to defeat the the invading boredom bugs: Bounce on top of enemies as the armadillo; Bowl through them as the porcupine; Defeat bugs from on high with the owl.